Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Special Tribute to Momma Mae and Linus,....We love You,..

A year Ago we heard a Call for help,..….”We’re here,.. please come and help us!!”
Phone calls began filling the airways,
100’s of emails began to fly back and forth,

Photos ,..of the Hell that you had endured,… filled our dreams at night,…
Those of us that were able to rally together across many states,… somehow managed to send an Angel to your rescue,..

With the help of many others you were transported up north to a safe haven,…
Even though your pack had been dismantled you managed to adapt,.. to the new life that was promised to you all,…

Your progess and accomplishments were huge victories in our world of rescue,…
We could only assume that you felt the same,.. by the looks in your eyes, the months passed by,…

We love you little “Bird Dogs”,…in a very Special way,…as you have touched the hearts of many,…

Now,… as the news of Linus, and now Momma Mae, who both have been called home,….our hearts once again are heavy,…

That’s how we humans are,… you know,..
Not to worry though,…their memory will live forever in our hearts,… as will the rest of you that came off that Mountain, in Arkansas,…almost a year ago,…

Monday, November 20, 2006

Izzy and the Good Life!!

Izzy is now living a life filled with many doggie comforts and love.
How she spends her time:
lounging on either a couch or bed, jogging one mile, four times each week with her owners, playing fetch, watching sports & cuddling.

She is quite the couch-potato and quite a loving, affectionate dog. Izzy is very much loved & sleeps curled between her "parents" every night.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Mister Trooper"

This boy, Trooper, a GSP ,rescued from Boat Mountain Arkansas, last February, ...
Is truly living up to his name.. Read his new Mom's latest update:

Our Mister Trooper continues to get better each day. He is much more animated now.

He loves to run and jump and play.
He loves to cuddle and be petted.
He is now sleeping on the floor next to my bed and sleeps most of the night (until 5 a.m) and if he does get up earlier he doesn't pace.
He will just play with his toys.
He continues to spin and circle but a little less than before.
He is getting better at holding a point.
He seems to have more attention span for it now.
Still won't let anybody touch him but he will stand quietly with his back to people when we go out and encounter people which I purposely do so he gets used to them.
Hates the car but is getting better.
Please keep Trooper in your prayers as he continues to improve.

Gladys Hobbit,.. now Ella West

Gladys Hobbit came to us on March 30, 2006. IBR thought she was about 4 but we thought more like 3. So we compromised and we made her birthday September 30, 2002.

Once we got our little hobbit we noticed how different she was because she was never around people. She wasn't timid, but just not social. She loved the furniture and slept a lot when she got here.

She wouldn't leave the deck when it was dark out. We believe she stayed with the pack at night for safety reasons when she was on the mountain.
She slept like a rock the first few weeks here. I think because she didnt' have to worry about others stealing her food or fighting,
She now has three human siblings. They love her to pieces.
I can tell because when they hug her they sqeeze their eyes so tight!

Ella loves to dig in the yard to hunt for bugs, I think that is how she survived on the mountain. She loves to go to the dog park to run and hunt off leash.
She can sit and recently started to snuggle on the couch.
She isn't afraid of strange noises and is the first one to calmly investigate.
She is great with kids and other dogs. She doesn't bark much.
She is getting over burying her treats in the yard or under the pillows on our bed or on the couch.

I know she loves it here but I also am very aware of her need to run free, those hills still call to her.
I am so thankful that she has come into our lives, she was born in Arkansas but living the good life in Illinois.
Alison West
Ella's mom

Ella at Halloween,..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Payton,.. the Sweetest Little Setter Boy!

The first is the way breakfast is enjoyed around here, then sleeping on the couch with dad, and then sleeping with me on the couch or anywhere, neck on neck.

Payton is doing well, He is adjusting to our busy home. We have 2 children, Vicki and Drae, a 9 year old springer, and friends and relatives galore.

There is always someone staying here or visiting.
Payton loves to bark and then run and hide under the table.
He has his moments.. his brave moments like when he looks out the back door that was left open, or when he peeks around the corner to someone new at the door.

With us he is great, he has his spaz moments, like when he thinks our springer should play , she thinks Not! or when the lid to the dog food is left off- he looks around then sneaks a bite or two.

He loves to be with us, so if one of us is in a room with the door closed- he will lay outside of the door waiting.

He doesn't ever cry.
If your in the bath- he sleeps on the mat, if your in the kitchen he lays on the mat and watches.

He has caught on to Grandpa who always has jerky treats in his pocket.
He has learned sit, come , we are working on shake a paw- he looks at us like he'd rather not.
He will do anything our springer will do.
If he has something you don't want him to have , you just take it, he's fine with that.

He snuggles in at night and lays with his head on my neck.

WE love him beyond words, he has a long way to go before he completely trusts the world, but he tries now. He gets in the car, and gets out as long as Libby is there(springer)

We can't thank the rescurers enough, they are like angels in our minds and hearts, and bless them everyday for our great gift.
thanks so much for your time.
Fran and John Van Gent
Essex Ontario , Canada

Casper, Now Jasper,.. IS HOME!!

This little fella Casper sure had a hard time of adjusting to modern life, as he now knows it,...I Think he was the most timid of all the Boat Mountain Dogs,.. at first he cowared behind the toilet,..and shook with fear at the slightest noise,or quick motion.
With the patience and love from his foster homes, and now the comfort of his very OWN HOME, Casper, now Jasper is coming into his own self again,...
Live the good life Jasper!!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hi Everyone! It's Mae checking in! Wow, we sure have come a long way in 6 months!
Attached are pix of the first night my feet hit the ground in IL, then a week later, I delivered 5 puppies!

I finally got my forever home in August, and I'm loving every minute of it.
I have five kids and a cat to keep me busy.
I do have a touch of arthritis in my hip, but my new mom got me pills to make me feel better. I still like to play scavenger, and collect things for later, but now I know, it won't be stolen back from me. My life is just wonderful.

And here is one of my babies,....
born first day of spring. She was adopted by a nice couple up north, and has two boxer sibblings. Hooligan is almost 6 months old now.

AND Another:

Here is our not-so-little bundle of energy, Gilly (aka McGillicuddy) at 6 months old!
He adores his big sister Sasha and loves to play with her.
Sometimes he gets a tad too big for his britches and Sash has to put him in his place but she loves him anyway.
Gilly is a very affectionate pup and craves human attention pretty much all of the time.
He’s definitely a lap dog!!
His favorite pastimes are to chase those little woofle balls around (he thinks they’re alive!) and to take a nap on the glider - which he’s not going to fit on for very much longer!
He also likes to chomp on his chewy treats - seems he always has two in his mouth because he swipes Sasha’s – surprisingly she does nothing to stop him!
I’m sure he would love to see how his sisters are growing up. I wonder if they are as big as him!
We are looking forward to a reunion soon!
Thanks, Sarah


I'm Boat Mountain's MIRACLE.
I was one very afraid little girl when we were taken off the mountain, and seperated from my clan.
Thanks to WI GSP Rescue, I stayed with my foster mommy, and now I'm not afraid of everything anymore.
I know what good food is, toys, treats, shelter, and warmth.
I have a fur sister and a fur brother to share my life with. Now my mommy says I'm a princess!
Thank you Erin for picking me to come to Wisconsin!

Love, Miracle

Here to show what a little Love, Time, and Devotion, did for these unfortuante Bird Dogs, are the 6 month updates, provided by the adopters and care givers of the
"Boat Mountain Clan"
Looking Back 6 Months ago, things did not look so good,...